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Secondary school
Zespół Szkół Ponadgimnazjalnych
ul. Wolności 39
83-314 Somonino
tel/fax : 058 6841191
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In the Secondary School in Somonino, students are thaught tourism with special regard to hotel trade and argrotourism. They are also offered practical training in summer, June – August, on agrotourist farms, in guest houses, restaurants and hotels.

Students, aged 16-20, learn two foreign languages: English and German. All of them (about 300) study in a well equipped building with all facilities needed to teach gastronomy, tourism and economy. There are 25 professional teachers who are fully engaged to prepare the students for their jobs as well as the Matura exam. The school exists succesfully for 35 years since 1981.

The region where you can find us is called Kashubia, which is well known for its remarkable natural ( lakes, forests and hills) and cultural values. Kashubian people cultivate their customs and keep alive the regional language and folklore: embroidery, pottery, painting and sculpture, as well as literature and music . Besides there is no need to look for this picturesque land too far away- it is only 30 km away from Gdańsk in the Pomeranian district.


  • Meetings and workshops with craftsmen
  • Polish and Kashubian literature and drama extra activities
  • Cooking and serving Kashubian cuisine delicacies
  • Students’ presentation of Kashubian legends and wildlife, prepared in English
  • Concern for unique culture heritage: learning Kashubian language
  • Guided tours over Kashubia and Gdańsk, prepared in foreign languages by students